Providing Our Clients Efficient And Customized Land Services

Surface Operations

Our surface agents are well versed in negotiating Location Surface Damages, Pipeline Right-of-Way, Road Easements, Electrical Easements, and Water Use Agreements. We also facilitate the locating and building of retention/staging ponds, salt water disposal wells, water wells, and work with contractors bidding locations. We research current surface ownership through court records then engage landowners to create ongoing working relationships. We believe the key to good negotiating starts with integrity. Trust is built by under promising and over delivering.


Our GIS mapping department utilizes ESRI, ArcGIS, Global Mapper, and Google Earth Pro software to provide prospect maps in digital format or printed on our large-format plotter for your convenience. Prospect data is exported directly from DataPush Technologies and linked to your maps to deliver instant results, quickly and efficiently. We also provide location plats for each well that include detailed information such as footages, pipelines, water sources, topography, and more. In addition, the GIS department also handles the maps for seismic permitting, and a variety of custom maps to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Seismic Permitting

Our seismic permitting agents have years of experience working in Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana. Our agents build trusting relationships within the communities to ensure the projects are met with acceptance and understanding, while avoiding potential roadblocks along the way. Surface permitting, mineral title research and permitting, purchasing lease options, GIS mapping, surface negotiations, and damage claims are all handled professionally and efficiently.