Providing Our Clients Efficient And Customized Land Services

Lease Acquisitions

In early 2010, we enlisted and partnered with DataPush Technologies, an online data system. This technology has enabled us to create consistent, error free lease documents with the push of a button. Reports such as open acreage in a new prospect, competitive leasehold, upcoming lease expirations, and real time leasing and status reports are a key stroke away. This system is fully customizable to any special or unique reports your company may require. We use both public and private informational resources to ensure that leases are acquired quickly and efficiently, even in the most competitive environments. Additionally, our lease buyers do whatever it takes to get the lease signed. They work and stay in the prospect they’ve been assigned, they knock doors, they meet mineral owners after the work day, and whatever else needs to be done to get the job completed on time.

Record Checking

Our expert title teams are experienced in all areas of title research and title curative. Depending on your prospect needs, our agents can run cursory checks of the records to determine what a new prospect looks like, as well as full detail and HBP ownerships Our agents can work from digital images provided by our imagers or perform stand up title in the courthouse at your preference.


We are familiar with the protocol and procedures it takes to work with the BIA and BLM. We have negotiated and leased trust land through the open public bid sales and outside of the public bid sales. We have built strong, positive relationships within these agencies which can be helpful when deadlines have to be met.

Due Diligence

We are well versed in the principles of aquisition and divestments. Our staff can prepare you as a buyer or seller through detailed due diligence examinations. Whether it is an internal or external examination, our reporting systems will get you on track for any type of closing.